PestXpert Pro-Granules

PestXpert Pro-Granules is the ideal lawn and paver treatment for ants preventing them from building nests and making a mess of your paths and driveways. With the unique 2-in-1 applicator you can both pour and sprinkle, giving you the ant control of a professional. 

Main target pests

PestXpert Tip: Carry out a Pro-Granule treatment to path, driveways and flowerbeds around the home in conjunction with a perimeter spray with Pro-Spray Outdoor for a complete pest control treatment - just like the professionals.

Professional Formulation

  • The Pro-Granules have kill and repel properties; killing ants that come into contact with the insecticide and preventing ants from moving back into the area.
  • The long lasting insecticide will provide protection for up to 3 months in outdoor conditions
  • The easy flow granules (impregnated with insecticide), allows for easy application and allows for flow into mounds, cracks and crevices
  • The insecticide sand formulation passes through grass and vegetation getting down to soil level, where it not only controls ants, but flea larvae and ticks.

Professional Packaging

  • Unique 2-in-1 applicator allowing you to pour (onto mounds) or sprinkle (over larger areas)
  • The easy pour packaging allows you to apply the treatment with out touching the product.

How to use Pro-Spray Outdoor Perimeter

  • This product is ready to use and is designed to be used directly from the pack, either by sprinkling or by pouring directly with the pourer.
  • Ideal for use on lawns, gardens, paths, pavers and other outdoor surfaces. 
  • Do not apply inside building or within 2 metres of water.
  • For ants either pour directly into nest openings and sprinkle over entire area where ants are active. For application to paved areas, sprinkle over entire area and brush into cracks.
  • Flea larvae develop in the soil in shaded areas where pets may have been resting. Sprinkle Pro-Granules over the entire area. Water in with up to 10mm of water immediately after application for optimal results. They allow to dry before pets re-enter.
  • Tick larvae and nymphs live in the soil and leaf litter. In late Summer / Autumn, apply Pro-Granules to the required area (making sure enough gets down to ground level).
  • Re-apply after 2 months for maximum control or as necessary when pests re-appear.

Safety Tips

The PestXpert range has been specifically designed for use around homes, where there will be children and pets present. When used in accordance with the label, the products can be applied safely with minimal impact on the environment (see point 4 below). In fact, the professional quality packaging allows the products to be applied more safely that standard consumer products, as they can be applied more accurately with less chance of accidental contact with the insecticide.

Nevertheless, safety should always be the number one priority and so before carrying out any pesticide treatment follow the following key steps

  1. Read the label. Make sure you understand application instructions and safety information.
  2. Wear appropriate safety clothing. PestXpert recommends wearing gloves during application.
  3. Prepare the treatment area. Cover or remove any open food or water containers. The area to be treated should be clear of obstacles. 
  4. Fish and bee alert. Although PestXpert products are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, the will kill bees (they contain insecticides) and fish are also very sensitive to the insecticides used in PestXpert (and most other consumer products). 
  5. DO NOT apply within 2 metres of a fishpond or water containing fish or aquatic species.
  6. Keep pets and children clear during application and until the treatment is dried.
  7. Use with caution around domestic pets and livestock, especially dogs. If dogs eat the granules, contact your veterinary surgeon immediately.
  8. Ensure product is dispersed ie. swept in between pavers, cracks and crevices and dispersed into soil and/or lawn.

First Aid

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 13 11 26; New Zealand 0800 764 766

Material Safety Data Sheet

Additional information is listed in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Also available from Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd.