Cockroach infestation? Use a cockroach bomb!

The answer to your cockroach control problem…

If you have a persistent problem with cockroaches or maybe a cockroach infestation, you need to pull out the “big guns” and a cockroach “bomb” is just the ticket!

Insecticide “bombs” or “foggers” are technically known as “total release aerosols” – once you press the button, there’s no stopping them and the entire contents of the aerosol are released.

The ultra-fine aerosol is designed to get under and behind furniture and into cracks and crevices – the typical insect hiding places. However, there are some important safety considerations and useful tips to get the best performance

Step 1: Prepare the room to be treated

Open all cupboards and drawers to allow the aerosol to penetrate all insect hiding places. Belongings should be moved from the cupboards or drawers and placed in another room. For kitchen treatments, all food, cutlery and crockery should be removed and food preparation surfaces covered.

Step 2: Treatment

When using cockroach ‘”bombs” is it vital that the label is read carefully and that all safety instructions are followed.

Key standard instructions include;

  • Remove any clothing items, exposed food, food utensils
  • Remove all pets and plants
  • Cover fish tanks
  • Ensure that all sources of ignition (flames, pilot lights, electricity) are turned off prior to use

Before setting off the cockroach bomb, turn off fans and air-conditioners and close all doors and windows to the treatment room.

Position the cockroach bomb in the centre of the room on a flat, stable surface.

 Setting off a cockroach bomb - PestXpert Pro Fogger Setting off a cockroach bomb – PestXpert Pro Fogger

Leave the room immediately after starting the cockroach bomb

Step 3: Clean up

A cockroach bomb can take around 10 minutes or so to empty. The fine mist will be quite dense in the air and it takes some time to settle onto the surfaces. For this reason it is important to stay out of the room for at least 2 hours after application.

After 2 hours the treated room should be aired (open windows and doors).

Wipe down any uncovered surfaces and vacuum up any dead insects.

Repeat the process for other infested rooms.

Watch PestXpert Pro-Fogger in Action

Other cockroach products

To get complete control of a cockroach infestation is can be useful to follow up a cockroach bomb treatment with an external perimeter spray, spot  treatments with an aerosol to cracks and crevices and the use of cockroach baits.

Cockroach bombs actually provide control of a wide range of insects including fleas, ants, spiders, silverfish, clothes moths and carpet beetles and deliver long lasting protection. With that in mind a cockroach bomb can be a good preventative tool as well!

So don’t forget cockroach bombs in the battle against these pests!

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