These "How to use" videos are designed to show you how to safely use our products to ensure you get optimal performance against the target insect. Incorrect application of pest control products is a common reason homeowners never achieve the same level of performance of professional pest control operators.So have a look at our videos and don't forget to read the label. You to will then be able to DIY pest control like the professionals. PestXpert - "You have control".

Multipurpose insect control products

PestXpert Pro Spray Outdoor Perimeter

PestXpert Pro Fogger

PestXpert Pro Spray Crawling

PestXpert Pro Spray Indoor and Outdoor

PestXpert Pro Spray Flying

PestXpert Pro Granules

Specialist insecticide products

PestXpert Wasp Jet Long Reach Aerosol

PestXpert Nest Kill Ant Bait

PestXpert Pro-Hose On Tick Control Outdoor Spray

PestXpert Spider Blast Eliminator Aerosol

PestXpert 2 in 1 Cockroach Bait