PestXpert Spider Blast Eliminator Contact Spray

PestXpert Spider Blast Eliminator is ultimate spider control products, designed with arachnaphobes in mind! No need to get close to those scary, eight legged fiends - with the unique 5 nozzle accuator, the powerful spray allows you to spray from a distance. If the spiders are hiding in cracks and crevices there's no escape either as the Spider Blast Eliminator can penetrate deep into hiding places. At last you can sleep easy at night!

PestXpert Spider Blast is also effective on other crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, slaters and millipedes which also hide in cracks and crevices.

To learn more about spiders, visit our spider page

PestXPert spider blast eliminator contact spray

PestXPert spider blast eliminator contact spray

Pestxpert tip: Carry out a complete exterior spray with PestXpert Pro Spray Outdoor Perimeter at the start of the season to prevent spider numbers building up. Use PestXpert spider blast to target the occasional home invader and spider hiding places.

Professional formulation

Triple action formulation is designed for all round spider control...

  • Dual insecticides for rapid kill on direct spray
  • Up to 3 month control when when sprayed on surfaces
  • Prevents web building

Of course its powerful spray can blast into cracks and crevices where spiders often hide.

Professional Packaging

spider blast flash.png
  • Unique 5 nozzle accuator for rapid coating of webs, cracks and crevices
  • Pro-Trigger makes spraying safe and easy...
    • Easy to target spider hiding places
    • Less chance of accidental skin contact
    • Safety catch to prevent accidental spraying
  • Large 400g size for DIY use

How to use PestXpert Spider Blast

Direct kill: Hold can upright and spray it toward spider from a distance of 15-20cm

Spider hiding places: Spray areas where you have seen spiders hiding or potential hiding places such as around windows and doors, window sills, eaves, around garbage bins, along fences, in sheds

Insect entry points: To prevent spiders and other insects entering the house, spray all entry points and cracks and crevices including doors and window surrounds, vents and weep holes

Redback spider

When sprayed onto surfaces Spider blast can provide continuous protection for around 3 months. It may be shorter or longer depending on the amount of rain and sun the surface receives. If spiders start to increase again, it probably indicates it's time for a re-treatment.

Be aware: Avoid using on plastic surfaces or try on a small, inconspicuous area first and assess for suitability before spraying a wider area.

Safety tips

The PestXpert range has been specifically designed for use around homes, where there will be children and pets present. When used in accordance with the label, the products can be applied safely with minimal impact on the environment (see point 4 below). In fact, the professional quality packaging allows the products to be applied more safely that standard consumer products, as they can be applied more accurately with less chance of accidental contact with the insecticide.

Nevertheless, safety should always be the number one priority and so before carrying out any pesticide treatment follow the following key steps

  1. Read the label. Make sure you understand application instructions and safety information.
  2. Wear appropriate safety clothing. If you are intending to do a lot of spraying, it's a good idea to wear goggles and mask, especially if spraying above head height. Wash hands, arms and face after use. 
  3. Prepare the treatment area. Make sure all foods, food surfaces, cutlery, crockery and glasses are covered. The area to be treated should be clear of obstacles. 
  4. Electrical safety. As Spider Blast has a high level of propellant to provide its power, ensure all sources of ignition are turned off / extinguished before spraying.
  5. Fish and bee alert. Although PestXpert products are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, they will kill bees (as they are insects) and fish are also very sensitive to the insecticides used in PestXpert (and most other consumer products). To minimise bee deaths, avoid spraying flowers. To protect fish, cover fish tanks and ponds and avoid spraying or disposing of product into waterways.
  6. Keep pets and children clear during application and until the treatment is dried

First Aid

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 13 11 26; New Zealand 0800 764 766

Material Safety Data Sheet

Additional information is listed in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Also available from Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd.