PestXpert New Products

PestXpert 2 in 1 Cockroach bait

Looking for a professional solution to get on top of your cockroach problem? With two different active ingredients and a highlight attractive formulation PestXpert 2 in 1 Cockroach Bait can eliminate the toughest cockroach infestations, even the small German cockroaches.

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Homeowners, especially pet owners, now have a solution to keeping their backyard free from ticks. PestXpert Pro-Hose On Tick Control Outdoor Spray is the simple solution to keeping ticks (including paralysis ticks) at bay, protecting your pets and family.

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Are you struggling to get on top of a pest problem?

PestXpert cockroach target

Maybe you want to do your own pest control, but not sure how?

Do you find the standard consumer products don't quite do the job (and you don't want to pay for a professional)? 

PestXpert is a unique range of pest control products that gives home owners professional solutions for their pest control problems. These are not your normal supermarket products! With premium formulations and professional packaging, you can be confident you are providing superior protection for your home and family.

But controlling pests and preventing their return needs knowledge as well as great products. So with this website providing pest information, pest prevention tips and guidance on the best products for different situations, you will have all the tools to deliver pest control results like a professional (at a fraction of the cost!). You can truly become a PestXpert!