About us


The PestXpert range was conceived with the knowledge that consumers often struggle to solve pest control problems, sometimes due to poor products, sometimes due to a lack of knowledge, sometimes both. There had to be a better solution for homeowners, other than going through the expense of calling a professional!

At PestXpert we have developed professional formulations coupled with professional packaging to ensure safety and superior performance. PestXpert can be used safely around your family and pets with minimal impact on the environment (when used in accordance with the label). 

But PestXpert is not just about the products, we are committed to helping you create a pest-free home. As knowledge is key to achieving great pest control results, we provide pest information and pest prevention tips on our website, blog and Facebook page, so you can become a PestXpert yourself.

It’s DIY pest control like the professionals!


PestXpert was the “brainchild” of the Australian team from Sumitomo and all the work in bringing the PestXpert range to market has been carried out here in Australia.

  • Developed in Australia: all PestXpert products have been developed and tested in Australia, guaranteeing they will work against Australian pests, under Australian conditions.

  • Australia Made: all PestXpert products are manufactured here in Australia.



PestXpert products are not your standard consumer pest control range….. and so you cannot find PestXpert along side normal pest control products in your supermarket. As PestXpert are professional style pest control products delivering superior results, it makes sense that you can find the PestXpert range in Bunnings, where homeowners go to find their serious DIY products. PestXpert have an exclusive partnership with Bunnings to deliver homeowners the best in pest control products.


PestXpert is owned by Sumitomo Chemical, a company that makes all their own insecticides and have done so for over 100 years. Sumitomo Chemical use these insecticides to manufacture and sell pest control products to professional pest controllers and farmers around the world, so we really are pest experts. Although Sumitomo Chemical have not sold products to homeowners before, Sumitomo Chemical actually sell many of their insecticides to Mortein and Raid for use in their own products, so Sumitomo are a company you can trust. Now we are using all our expertise to provide homeowners with superior pest control solutions – the PestXpert range.