Are PestXpert products safe to use around children and pets?

The PestXpert range has been specifically designed for use around homes, where there will be children and pets present. The products are safe to use around children and pets when used in accordance with the label.

  • Keep children and pets clear of area during application
  • Do not let children and pets re-enter treatment areas until the treatment is dry
  • Products should be kept out of the reach of children and pets

As an extra safety precaution, PestXpert aerosols have a safety catch. 

For more info check out our blog article "Safe pesticide use for pet owners"

Are there any special precautions to take if I keep fish?

Fish are very sensitive to most insecticides on the market and PestXpert is no exception. When every you use a insecticide

  • Cover fish tanks and ponds
  • Avoid spraying or treating areas need streams, lakes or other water bodies
  • Do not pour any waste product into the drains or waterways

What safety equipment should I wear with PestXpert products?

As with many insecticide products the PestXpert labels state that you should avoid contact with skin and eyes, avoid breathing in the spray and make sure you wash hands after use. Even if you are very careful, you never know when you may get an accidental spill or if a gust of wind blows product towards you. The best way to avoid accidental contact is to wear appropriate safety clothing. PestXpert recommends wearing overalls (you can wash or dispose of), impervious gloves and shoes, googles, mask and hat (you can wash) - just like a professional.

What safety precautions do I need to take with PestXpert Fogger?

PestXpert Pro-fogger is a total release aerosol which means all the product (and the gas) is released in one go. The propellent used in foggers is a hydrocarbon and when it is released in one go, the high concentration in the air represents a flammability / explosion risk. For this reason, lights, all electrical goods, naked flames (candles and pilot lights) should be turned off / put out.

Can PestXpert products be used around livestock?

PestXpert product cannot be used on any animals

PestXpert products can be used in and around buildings where animals are kept, BUT

  • Animals should be out of the buildings during treatment and kept out until product is dry
  • PestXpert must not applied in any place near feed / feeding places

Livestock should not be grazed on areas treated with PestXpert products.

Can PestXpert products be used on plants?

Some PestXpert products can be used on plants (see individual product labels) for control of mosquitoes. However, they must not be used on crops, food trees, vegetables or parts of plants that are to be eaten.

After spraying how long do I need to wait before re-entry?

  • Adults, children and pets should be kept out out treated areas until the treatment is dry.
  • Rooms treated with Pro-Fogger for at least 2 hours and then re-entry is allowed after the room has been aired.
  • Lawns and outdoor areas treated with PestXpert Pro-Granules can be accessed immediately after treatment (although children and pest should be kept clear of the area during treatment).


How long do PestXpert products last?

Any product which is applied to a surface (such as PestXpert Outdoor) will have a variable duration of performance depending on the type of surface and how much sun / rain it receives. Outdoor areas on concrete in full sun and exposed to rain will have the shortest duration of protection. Depending on the level of sun / rain, it may be only a week or so. However, typically in sheltered outdoor conditions, 3 months protection is normal. In areas of complete protection from sun and rain (under eaves and indoors), the duration of control may last much longer.

PestXpert Pro-Granules deliver 2-3 months protection.

PestXpert fogger is always applied inside and is fairly consistent in delivering 6 months protection.


Can I use my PestXpert pump packs for other pesticides?

PestXpert pump packs can be used for other pesticides, with the following recommendations;

  • Always triple rinse the pump pack before changing products. Dispose of rinsings appropriately (not down the drain). For PestXpert, pouring the rinsings on the lawn is appropriate.
  • Never use the PestXpert pump pack to apply products to plants which will be eaten.
  • It is best practice to keep separate sprayers for insecticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • PestXpert does not make any recommendations about the suitability of using other products in the PestXpert pump pack. Individual product labels need to be consulted regarding suitability.