PestXpert Pro-Fogger

Professional flea and cockroach bomb

PestXpert Pro-Fogger is a total release aerosol to get on top of severe infestations, particularly targeting fleas and cockroaches. PestXpert Pro-Fogger delivers professional standard fumigation, with the unique stabilisation stand ensuring safe application and even distribution around the room. 

Other target pests

PestXpert Tip: Foggers can be used a preventative treatments as well as for controlling pest outbreaks. They can also be used in roof voids and sub-floors, but make sure they are placed on a solid level surfaces and all safety directions are followed.

VIDEO: watch pestxpert pro-fogger eliminate a cockroach infestation

Professional Formulation

  • The dual active formulation kills insects immediately and provides lasting protection (up to 6 months)
  • Kills fleas and their eggs, breaking the breeding cycle
  • Ultra fine mist gets into most dead spots in the room

Professional Packaging


  • Unique stabilisation stand prevents aerosol falling over during use, making it safer and ensuring even distribution of product.
  • Pack contains 3 aerosols (enough for 3 rooms)

How to use Pro-Spray fogger


To ensure the thorough distribution of the spray mist, open cupboards, drawers and remove any items that might restrict natural airflow under beds, furniture and appliances.

Remove or cover exposed food, food utensils, pet bowls, fish tanks. Remove all pets and plants. Close outside doors and windows and turn off fans and air conditioners.

Important: Shut off all electrical appliances including lights and refrigerators. Extinguish pilot lights and naked flames. Turn off gaswater heaters.

Important: Do not use in spaces of volume smaller than 5 cubic metres.

Note regarding smoke alarms: As the use of the product may set-off smoke detectors, before setting off the fogger, either switch off/ remove batteries from the detectors in the room to be treated or cover the detector to prevent aerosol particles contacting the detector. Remember to switch the detector back on / remove the cover once treatment is complete and the room has been ventilated.


  1. Shake can well before use
  2. Place the stability stand over the top of the aerosol and push down the can until it sits firmly at the base. Remove the cap and place the can and the stability stand on a sheet of newspaper on a raised area, such as a table or chair, in the centre of the room. For effective insect control use one can per average size room (4 x 4 metres).
  3. Tilt the can slightly away from face and push the activation tab down firmly until it locks into place. The can will begin to spray as soon as the tab is depressed. Make sure the tab is fully depressed and locked.
  4. Leave the room immediately after activation and close all doors.


After 2 hours re-enter the room, open all doors and windows and allow treated area to air for 30 minutes before switching on appliances.

Wipe down all surfaces, sweep up all dead insects and dispose of in the garbage. Vacuum carpets to remove dead fleas.

Over the next few days as the mist continues to work in insect hiding places, more dead and affected insects may be seen. Vacuum carpets weekly to remove dead insects.

Safety Tips

The PestXpert range has been specifically designed for use around homes, where there will be children and pets present. When used in accordance with the label, the products can be applied safely with minimal impact on the environment (see point 4 below). In fact, the professional quality packaging allows the products to be applied more safely that standard consumer products, as they can be applied more accurately with less chance of accidental contact with the insecticide.

Nevertheless, safety should always be the number one priority and so before carrying out any pesticide treatment follow the following key steps

  1. Read the label. Make sure you understand application instructions and safety information.
  2. Wear appropriate safety clothing. When using Pro-Fogger you may want to use gloves when starting the aerosol.
  3. Prepare the treatment area. Make sure all foods, food surfaces, cutlery, crockery and glasses are covered. The area to be treated should be clear of obstacles. Drawers and cupboard doors should be open and empty of belongings. Window and doors to the outside should be closed.
  4. Fish and bee alert. Although PestXpert products are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, they will kill bees (as they are insects) and fish are also very sensitive to the insecticides used in PestXpert (and most other consumer products). To protect fish, cover fish tanks and ponds and avoid spraying or disposing of product into waterways.
  5. Keep pets and children clear during application and until the treatment is dried
  6. Do not enter the room for 2 hours after treatment.
  8. Thoroughly wipe down any food surfaces after use.

First Aid

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 13 11 26; New Zealand 0800 764 766

Material Safety Data Sheet

Additional information is listed in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Also available from Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd.