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Carpet beetle larva

What’s eating my clothes?

If you find holes in your clothes, carpets, curtains or other fabrics, you need to work out the cause before you decide on a treatment. But how can you work out what’s eating your clothes? Check out our cheat sheet to find out the likely culprit…

Clothes moth image

How to get rid of clothes moths

The changing of the season brings on a change in your wardrobe….. and all over the country there are cries of anguish as small holes are found in favorite jumpers, shirts, skirts and trousers. Perhaps the most likely culprits are clothes moths!
Indian meal moth image

Getting rid of pantry moths

You may have noticed some small moths flying about the kitchen at dusk or at night – not something that would normally bother you. However, you then find some strange webbing material in some open biscuit packets and a bag of flour. You look closer and find a small pale caterpillar. You investigate further and notice some webbing and a small brown case (the pupae) up on the ceiling. The penny drops – you have a pantry moth infestation!