What’s eating my clothes?

There are a number of pests that cause damage to clothing, shoes, fabric items and paper around your home and office.

Carpet beetles, clothes moths, silverfish and psocids (booklice) can present serious pest problems when it comes to household fabrics and paper items.

 Carpet beetle larva Carpet beetle larva

 Clothes moth larvae Clothes moth larvae

 Silverfish Silverfish

 Psocids or booklice Psocids or booklice

Often you will only see the damage and not the culprit. However, each of these pests have different food preferences, so the type of material that is damaged will give a good indication of which pest is causing the problem.

To help you find the culprit, we put together the following table

If you have an infestation of any of these pests there is no option but to do a complete inspection of all the suspected areas – especially stored goods and clothes, in both the house and sub-floor / roof void.

For the treatment options check out the following pages:

Carpet beetle control

Clothes moth control

Silverfish control (also for psocids / booklice)


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