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White Tail Spiders – All you need to know!

Everything you need to know about white tail spiders: What do they look like? Where do they live? Information on white tail spider bites – is the flesh eating spider bite a myth? How to get rid of white tail spider? And more…

cockroach on pear

Spring Cleaning? Do a Pest Spray!

With the temperature warming up, everyone thinks about clearing up the yard for outdoor entertaining, which often leads to cleaning out the garage and then the house – a good Spring clean! If you are giving your house and yard the once over, now’s a good time to be carrying out a general pest treatment, to prevent an insect explosion later in the season.

Dog with food bowls

Safe pesticide use for pet owners

“Are insecticides safe to use around my pets?” is perhaps one of the most common question homeowners ask about pest control products. It’s a good question…. and important, because when using any pest control product, safety comes first! Learn more about how to use insecticides and rodenticides safely around pets…

Carpet beetle larva

What’s eating my clothes?

If you find holes in your clothes, carpets, curtains or other fabrics, you need to work out the cause before you decide on a treatment. But how can you work out what’s eating your clothes? Check out our cheat sheet to find out the likely culprit…


The ultimate guide to fly control

Houseflies are very annoying, but they also carry a wide range of diseases including Salmonella, cholera, even leprosy and anthrax! So it makes sense to keep flies out of your home. Check out our blog post – The Ultimate Guide to Fly Control, for tips on how to keep your home fly free.

german cockroach

How to use cockroach bait

Cockroach baits are the best way to get rid of cockroach infestations, especially small cockroaches (German cockroaches). However, there are some tips to get the best performance from cockroach baits and indeed some cockroach baits are better than others. Learn more…


Top 30 Pest Prevention Tips

Pest prevention is often easier than the cure. Indeed, many pest problems can be prevented through good hygiene practices and a bit of home maintenance, even without using pest control products. So here are the top 30 pest prevention tips for inside and outside the home.