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Carpet beetle larva

What’s eating my clothes?

If you find holes in your clothes, carpets, curtains or other fabrics, you need to work out the cause before you decide on a treatment. But how can you work out what’s eating your clothes? Check out our cheat sheet to find out the likely culprit…


How to prevent a mosquito problem in your yard

For those of us lucky enough to have had good Summer rains, for some it has come with the curse of increased mosquito numbers. However, there are a number of ways we can keep mosquito numbers down to prevent them annoying our BBQ or worse still finding their way inside to prevent a good night’s sleep. Read on to find out more…

PestXpert Outdoor Perimeter

General Pest Treatments – Spray like a Professional!

When you buy a pest control product do you ever consider the “applicator” or sprayer? Possible not, but why is it important?  Choosing the wrong type of sprayer can be one of the biggest sources of consumer disappointment when using pest control products. For example, if you are looking at spraying the whole house and you choose the wrong sprayer, it may end up taking longer than expected, fingers and arms can get tired, product may end up on your hands or body and most importantly (but harder to detect) – product may not be evenly applied, giving you poor results. So what are the spray technology options and what should you choose?