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How to get rid of small cockroaches

Although the mere word “cockroach” creates a disgusting image, most people associate cockroaches with the large, scurrying cockroaches that often come in from outside. However, it is the small cockroaches species, particularly the German cockroach that cause most of the problems and can be very difficult to control.

American cockroach

How to get rid of large cockroaches

Large cockroaches certainly have a big “eek” factor. Their large size, fast scurrying movements and ability to fly are all too much for some people. The good news is that if you have a problem with large cockroaches, they are relatively easy to control.


Cockroach infestation? Use a cockroach bomb!

If you have a persistent cockroach problem or maybe a cockroach infestation, you need to pull out the “big guns” and a cockroach “bomb” is just the ticket!

Insecticide “bombs” or “foggers” are technically known as “total release aerosols” – once you press the button, there’s no stopping them and the entire contents of the aerosol are released…

Learn how foggers can help eliminate cockroach infestations and prevent them returning.