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cockroach on pear

Spring Cleaning? Do a Pest Spray!

With the temperature warming up, everyone thinks about clearing up the yard for outdoor entertaining, which often leads to cleaning out the garage and then the house – a good Spring clean! If you are giving your house and yard the once over, now’s a good time to be carrying out a general pest treatment, to prevent an insect explosion later in the season.

Carpet beetle larva

What’s eating my clothes?

If you find holes in your clothes, carpets, curtains or other fabrics, you need to work out the cause before you decide on a treatment. But how can you work out what’s eating your clothes? Check out our cheat sheet to find out the likely culprit…

American cockroach

Pest control surface sprays – how do they work?

We’ve all seen the TV adverts – where a cockroach gets zapped as soon as it walks across a surface treated with a crawling insect surface spray. But is this how these products really work and how do you get the best pest control performance from your insecticide surface spray.

PestXpert Pro Spray Crawling

How to use a cockroach spray

A cockroach in the house is bad enough, but there’s nothing worse than spraying a cockroach with insecticide only to see it run away and hide under a cupboard or appliance….. you’re never sure whether it has died or not! With a cockroach you want “instant” kill and if you just grab a can of “fly spray”, the chances are you won’t get it.
Indian meal moth image

Getting rid of pantry moths

You may have noticed some small moths flying about the kitchen at dusk or at night – not something that would normally bother you. However, you then find some strange webbing material in some open biscuit packets and a bag of flour. You look closer and find a small pale caterpillar. You investigate further and notice some webbing and a small brown case (the pupae) up on the ceiling. The penny drops – you have a pantry moth infestation!
PestXpert Outdoor Perimeter

General Pest Treatments – Spray like a Professional!

When you buy a pest control product do you ever consider the “applicator” or sprayer? Possible not, but why is it important?  Choosing the wrong type of sprayer can be one of the biggest sources of consumer disappointment when using pest control products. For example, if you are looking at spraying the whole house and you choose the wrong sprayer, it may end up taking longer than expected, fingers and arms can get tired, product may end up on your hands or body and most importantly (but harder to detect) – product may not be evenly applied, giving you poor results. So what are the spray technology options and what should you choose?


The Ultimate Guide to Spider Control

For many, a spider in the bedroom is the stuff of nightmares! But with many spiders delivering painful bites which require medical attention, there are good reasons to keep spiders out of the home, especially if you have small children and pets. So knowing a bit about spiders and how to keep them out of your home can indeed be a life saver.