Top 12 Cockroach Hiding Places

 To successfully get rid of cockroaches, you need to know where they are hiding! To successfully get rid of cockroaches, you need to know where they are hiding!

“For every cockroach you see, there are at hundred more you don’t!” A scary thought, but this is certainly true for the smaller species of cockroaches that live inside homes. For the smaller cockroach species, like German cockroaches, only the adults venture out from their hiding places to feed, the young stay in the harborage feeding on food scraps and faeces!

Typically, the larger species of cockroach such as the American and Australian cockroaches live outside, and come inside by accident. It is the smaller species of cockroach such as the German and Brown-banded cockroaches that like to live inside and if they become established they can be very difficult to remove.

Normally you won’t see cockroaches during the day as they are nocturnal. However, if you do see a cockroach during the day, it probably means their harborage is over-crowded…. so you have a major infestation on your hands!

To get rid of a cockroach problem it is important to identify and treat all cockroach hiding places. Not sure where to look? Here are our top 12 cockroach hiding places….


1) Cupboards – look in corners and hinges of cupboards. Also underneath and behind any kick-boards.

2) Oven / Grill – under and behind the oven / grill.

3) Fridge / Freezer – underneath and behind the fridge (in the warm electric motor)

4) Microwave – Under and in the back of the microwave

5) Dishwasher – underneath, inside the door and inside the back electrics

6) Toaster – inside the toaster

7) TV – Inside the TV – yes, inside the TV!

8) Sinks – Under the sink or wherever there is moisture / leaks

9) Cardboard boxes – this is a favourite hiding place. Cockroaches and their egg cases are often brought into the house this way


10) Drains and sewers

11) Rubbish bins

12) Garden beds

Often to get control of cockroaches you will need a range of products; sprays, baits and dusts. For the low-down on which products to use, where, check out our other blog articles and cockroach page on our website.

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